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You can download and listen to «A Dog Year» for free, you may also buy it. There is no restrictions for copying, uploading and sharing this album in MP3 format, but only one point: please, preserve the owner copyrights; don't change ID3 tags and refer to eng.godsobaki.ru.

You cannot sell copies of this album without permission.

All songs can be pre-listen.


ZIP Archive - all songs + CD cover (55,4 Mb)


  1. Wind (4,46 Mb)
  2. It's All Right (5,95 Mb)
  3. For The Better (6,63 Mb)
  4. Petrogradskaya Station (1,56 Mb)
  5. Now (5,81 Mb)
  6. Complicated (3,81 Mb)
  7. Windows Facing The Street (7,23 Mb)
  8. What For? (1,13 Mb)
  9. Quarrel (4,37 Mb)
  10. Fatigue (3,26 Mb)
  11. It's All Right (acoustic) (5,56 Mb)
  12. In Past And Future (5,41 Mb)

All songs are in MP3 format with 192 kbps bitrate.

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