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A Dog Year is the name of my album which includes some songs and musical compositions, a bit of poetry and thoughts that I chanced to note and record over the past year 2006. The album is sad and lyrical. However I hope it'll make you feel more and will not sadden you. // Ilya Orlov


  1. Wind
  2. It's all right
  3. For the better
  4. Petrogradskaya station
  5. Now
  6. Complicated
  7. Windows facing the street
  8. What for?
  9. Quarrel
  10. Fatigue
  11. It's all right (acoustic)
  12. In past and future


Music & lyrics: Ilya Orlov
Guitar, piano and vocals: Ilya Orlov
Drum and base programming: Ilya Orlov
Arrangements: Ilya Orlov
Some passengers of a subway train participated in the recording (4) at Petrogradskaya station.

Recording, mixing & mastering: Ilya Orlov
Produced by Ilya Orlov & Mikhail Fedotenko

CD cover design: Artem Koleganov
Print manager: Sasha Kovaleva


I would like to thank my family for love and all people of the world for the being.


Thanks to the Saint Petersburg city. I'm happy I was born and live here. Thanks to all poets, musicians, singers, writers, artists and films directors. Also thanks to architects, builders, aviators, doctors, teachers, strangers, waitresses, tourists, ice-cream sellers; thanks to the Mikhailovskii castle ducks, lanes and yards, trees and clouds, and also to cats and dogs.


Thanks to Misha Fedotenko for his critique, invaluable advice and encouraging support. Thanks to Gena, Buslik and Vanning for music ideas (5, 9) and for BER-LINN, also thanks to Mike Kozlov and Timur. Thank you A. Thanks to ZERO, especially to Andrew C. Kovalev for his amicable concern and all. Thanks to Artem Koleganov for the CD cover. Thanks to Sasha Kovaleva for the album materialization support. Thanks to Albina for site translation. Thanks to all of my friends, acquaintances and strangers. I wish you all luck and happiness.

Be kind to each other and live in creation.

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